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IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Michelle Obama IS A MAN 24/7 (Video)

By   /   March 12, 2014  /   14 Comments

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Watch this video

This above video, is about to change the course of World History.  For years, the White House staff, have ALL known, that Michelle Obama is in fact a man.  And yet, along with countless others, they have knowingly chosen, to be spiritually united as one, with their President, and to be CO-DECEIVERS of the Nations.BL_268

While Barack, has repeatedly chosen to invalidate his Presidency, by breaking his oath of office countless times, as he systematically destroys the American Constitution, “Michelle” (at least that is the name he now goes by), has been working with the Mainstream Media, to deceive the entire world, into believing that somehow a man, can be “the First Lady”.

The extent of the White House deception, is truly “an unspeakable horror” – one that has gone on for years, before all of Heaven.  It is now time for the entire world to know, that The United States of America, as a nation, has fallen!  It has fallen on so many different levels, that truly it will be forever compared, to the past, and present, fall of Rome.

In as much as Barack Obama is a World leader (a fact that is well known), along with his Queen, he has now, truly become “the King of Sodom”.  Through the Mainstream Media, and through tolerance, his entire Planet has knowingly embraced the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, and has in fact become even worse, than those historical cities, in the eyes of the One and only Creator.

And so, what is to become of “the great city” – the City of Sodom?  Perhaps this next video, will give you a clue.  Show no false compassion for one of the greatest deceivers in recorded history – Barack Hussein Obama (a.k.a. Barry Soetoro); for to pity him, as ‘the light of Truth’ illuminates so many of his deceptions, is, to pity ‘the enemy incarnate’, for his evils being brought to the light.

So who are The Two Witnesses, spoken of in the Book of Revelation, in Chapter 11?  Their true identities are revealed, at the very beginning of this next video.

Truly, Barack Hussein Obama is the fulfillment of the Antichrist.  Have there been other antichrists throughout the course of history?  Yes, of course: Nero, Hitler, Pol Pot – just to name a few.  But one antichrist in particular, was specifically referred to in the Bible as the antichrist, and his name is Barack Obama.  It is the name that was foretold, by the biblical phrase, “abomination of desolation”.  What America has now become, is in fact, “a desolate, wasteland” – an Obama Nation, of Desolation.  A drought of historical proportions. is now fully underway in the United States.  The drought is simply, one more sign, of the Obama Nation of Desolation, that is now fully set up both inside, and outside, of all of the churches, both in, and outside of, the United States of America.

The United States Government has several ‘damage control options’ in front of them.

1.) They can have Barack play ‘the victim card’ – pretending that Obama’s decision to deceive the American People in almost ALL of his election promises (a fact that is well documented in the second video on this page, beginning at 11:38, to 15:06), and Obama’s desire to deceive people about his personal life, were somehow the result of him hearing hate speech against homosexuals, in his formative years.  Perhaps they will expect weak-minded Americans to buy this lie.  But how will he explain the fact that he has become a classic textbook case of ‘a pathological liar’?  They already know, that the typical American response will be: “Tell it to your therapist Barack, we’re not buying it!  Enough lies.  Being elected under false pretences is one thing;  We will see how this turning point in American History plays out.  But one thing is for certain, the United States of America, is now a Monarchy! But presenting “Michelle” as the first lady of the United States, and trying to pass him off as a woman, was the last straw!”

2.)  They can replace Obama, in order to appease the outcry against him.  The problem with this  option, is that by this point in time, many people have already caught on, to the fact that the U.S. Government and Mainstream Media were fully complicit, in promoting ALL of Obama’s deceptions.  And so to change ‘the front man puppet’, cannot rebuild the trust of a nation by any means.  They already threw the U.S  election, by concealing Michelle’s gender, and by ensuring that Ron Paul’s votes were never fully counted; and the American people are now catching on to the consistent pattern of manipulation and deception.

3.)  They can choose the “shoot the messenger” option.  They can use various classical techniques to discredit the source of the information.  While this propaganda approach may distract the population at large, while exploiting their voyeuristic tendencies, it does not in any way mute or change the revelations of the U.S. Government persistently deceiving the people it was elected to represent.  Remember the mountain of lies about what the NSA couldn’t do, before they got caught?  And so too do most of the people on the face of the earth.

4.) Speaking of the NSA: They can have their NSA shill trolls, patrol all the social media sites, and try to steer the revelation of Michelle’s manhood, into the mythical category of a conspiracy theory.  Already, this video (in fact both videos in this article) has been pounced on by the Government shills, who have tried to attach anti islam and racist remarks to the comment section.   The shills are already patrolling social media sites and posting anything they can think of, to distract people from the truth that Michelle is a man.  This tactic is presented in detail – not as “a theory”, but as a present reality, in Edward Snowden’s revelations to Glenn Greenwald.

5.) They can use every form of media to try to convince people that the revelation of a person’s true gender, has something to do with race or religion, or that it is a personal decision.  We will see how this turning point in American History plays out.  But one thing is for certain, the United States of America, is now a Monarchy!.  Not so!  The revelation of Michelle’s True gender is simply a revelation of a basic truth that everyone has a right to know.  Next time you gather around the coffee machine, ask a friend or co-worker: Do you think you have “the right to know”, if the person who wants your vote, in order to be the next President of the United States, is a practicing homosexual, who is married to another practicing homosexual – who prefers to dress up as a member of the opposite sex?  See how your friend answers that question.   Make sure you have the words, “IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Michelle Obama is a man” written down somewhere – as some videos need to be seen, first hand, in order to be believed.

6.)  They could have Antipope Francis blur the Bible teaching on homosexuality, by presenting a new false doctrine, on the Christian teaching regarding homosexuality.  This move is currently underway, but the fact that this is now exposed in this untimely article, will make the press release very awkward, to say the least.  You can see how Francis is already blurring the teaching in this recent TIME article.

In the article, Francis is already presenting the new doctrine, with the words, “Who am I to judge?”  Well Francis, if you WERE the representative of Christ (whom you are most certainly not), then you would relay the Judgment on homosexuality that has been clearly and consistently stated in the Scriptures, for THOUSANDS of years!  It is a Judgment that was passed for all the world to see, against the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  But you can’t do that Francis, now can you, because you bow to women, you bow to men, you bow to sin, but you CAN NOT bow to your Creator, because you are against, or ANTI, Christ, and against ALL of His teachings, in one subtle way, or another.  Need more proof Francis is an Antichrist?

7.) They could launch a series of False Flag attacks, and set the fake world stage once again.  They could have the Americans coming to the rescue, to provide the solution, to the problem, that was staged by the Americans in the False Flag event.  This is exactly what they did with the Sandy Hook False Flag event, as they responded with the gun control agenda, that was planned in full, before all the unharmed students walked out of the School.  Watch the proof in this following video: SANDY HOOK BUSTED WIDE OPEN  http://vimeo.com/69806452  That is also what they did by bringing snipers into Syria, Egypt, Thailand, Venezuela, and Crimea to shoot both the police and peaceful protesters,  http://youtu.be/LJXvQHCxffw?t=9m16s

8.)  None of the above.  They could ignore it and wait for it to go away.  This is no longer an option.  The NSA trolls who are already assigned to the social media sites, are aleady at work, typing distracting comments about race and religion as you read this.

We will see how this turning point in American History plays out.  But one thing is for certain, the United States of America, is now a Monarchy!


source: beforeitsnews.com


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  1. Andy Reid says:

    Wow! You people are certifiably nuts. Just admit it…you don’t like the President or First Lady because you are all racists.

  2. jenni says:

    What is MORE crazy is when people play the ‘race card’ while they try and get past the first stage of the grieving process… Denial!

  3. John Strand says:

    This video is pure BS and it makes your other articles look bad. My sister just showed me her hands and the ring fingers are longer than her fore fingers.

    • Renee E. Dorsey (@REDorsey) says:

      Yep, mine too and I am all woman. I still think Michelle is a man, though. And Barry is as queer as a 3 dollar bill.

  4. John Strand says:

    Following up with the fact that I have now seen 3 women in the past 24 hours with a ring finger longer than their fore finger, confirming that this Michelle article is just vicious BS. This kind of thing really irritates me because it cheapens every article posted here and means your website cannot be trusted. I guess that means that the whole Arpaio thing is BS too which is why this “earth shattering” news has been being thrown around for 3 years with zero results.

  5. [email protected] says:

    still think she is a man,, And Obama is without a doubt gay. two of his lovers are now dead after coming forward to speak out about this. they both committed suicide. Ya ok

  6. Josh Robbins says:

    There is NO scientific evidence PROVING that males have longer ring fingers. My wife is a phorensic scientist and there is NO evidence whatsoever from male to female, that gives any indication that a skeleton is either male or female. Other than one part. Yes, the pelvic bone. That is the only way you can tell from a skeletal standpoint if a person is male or female.

    I will admit she does look masculine, some females do, doesn’t make them a man.

    • housemom1952 says:

      If your wife is a forensic scientist then you should learn how to spell it correctly.

    • Troy says:

      The morphological differences between women and men are the result of differences in the volume and proportion of similar anatomical features. Generally speaking, the female skeleton is not as massive; it is smoother and more delicate with impressions—hollows or bumps—that serve as muscle insertions or provide passage for tendons, which are less accentuated. (The more highly developed musculature in men marks the skeleton more.) The female thoracic cage is generally more rounded and not as big as in the male. Proportionately, the skeletal width of the shoulders is the same as in the male, but the larger muscular development of the latter makes it seem wider. The lumbar curve is greater in women and the pelvis is tilted anteriorly (anteversion), which makes for the sway-backed appearance often found in women. If the waist in women is longer and smaller, it is because the thorax is more constricted at the base and the pelvis is generally not as high.

      The most important difference between the male and female skeletons is found at the level of the pelvis. The female pelvis is adapted for gestation: it is not as high and is proportionately wider than that of the male. The sacrum of the female is wider and the pelvic ring is wider and more circular to facilitate the passage of the newborn. As the pelvic ring is wider, the acetabula (the fossa in which the heads of the femurs lodge) are farther apart, which increases the distance between the greater trochanters and consequently the width of the hips.

      Greater hip width in women influences the position of the femurs, which are often more angled than in men, giving them a slight X shape.

      A wide pelvis with a significant angle of the femur can provoke genu valgum, accentuated all the more by the hyperlaxity toward which women tend. The legs then take on a typical X shape: the articulation at the knee is excessively solicited; the medial collateral ligament is overstretched; and the lateral meniscus, the cartilage-covered articular surfaces of the external condyle of the femur, and the lateral tuberosity of the tibia are subjected to excessive loads, which may lead to premature wear.

      Pathological genu valgum is accompanied by medial collapse at the ankle and the disappearance of the plantar arch (flat foot), which may involve pain because of excessive stretching of certain muscles in the sole of the foot.

      It is very important to take into account the individual morphologies and to remember that women are more often prone to genu valgum pathologies, whereas men more frequently suffer from bow-legs (genu varum). People with very noticeable genu valgum should therefore work out carefully, avoid training with heavy weights, and always perform the movements so as to avoid impacts that would aggravate knee and ankle problem

  7. Carole Licht says:

    I’m an orthopedic provider and see peoples hands everyday, you are full of crap with the hand theory. Too bad because I would like to believe you because I think Michelle and Obama Bin Liar are both unworthy of their current address. My ring finger as well as my 2 daughters have ring fingers longer than their index fingers. Before carrying on like this you should do more fact checking. my mom is 6 ft tall and my daughter is 5’11.5″ and we are all female. I call BULLSHIT to this stupid video.

  8. William Bloomquist says:

    Whether or not Michelle is a drag queen is not proven by this video. One thing that IS proven, is the rank amateur production standards, the inability of either narrator to read past a 3rd grade level and that they loved playing with that phenomenally stupid reverb/echo effect.

  9. This is a stupid “report”. Show us DNA or shut up ! You are goof balls !!! Use scientific information.

    • laura m. says:

      I totally agree, get the DNA and prove it for sure! I know several women that have mannish features and are athletic. We definitely need the DNA. Yes, the video brought out some interesting points about M. Obozo other than about the hands.

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