Las Vegas Police Lied About Shooters Suicide Pact

An autopsy revealed Tuesday that Jerad Miller died from a .223 rifle shot, the official said. It was Jerad’s fatal wound — his wife never shot him, the official said. Clark County Coroner Mike Murphy said he could not confirm the report, citing the ongoing investigation. Police aren’t sure which officer’s shot actually struck Jerad Miller during the shootout Sunday morning just after the couple executed two officers in a CiCi’s Pizza in the northeast valley.

bullet22It looks like the Las Vegas police’s official narrative is beginning to unravel, just like every other so called shootng that has taken place in our country over the last 30 yrs. According to what  Asst. Sheriff Kevin Mcmahill, said to all the world at a live Las Vegas Metro police press conference on Monday June 09,2014 concerning the so-called shooters, that it was Amanda Miller who killed her husband in an apparent  suicide pact ( “ SUSPECTS CORNERED: The Millers make their way to the back of the store. Two teams of police officers trained to respond to shootings arrive, one team entering from the front of the store and the other from the back and they fan out in formation. They trade gunfire with the couple, as the Millers move toward the automotive section. An officer takes shelter in a security office, where he and a Wal-Mart employee monitor surveillance cameras and relay information to the teams about the suspects’ whereabouts.

As the officers close in, the Millers sit and lie on the ground, ready to further engage police. Jared Miller builds a barricade of items from the store around his wife. But instead of shooting at police, Amanda Miller, suffering a bullet wound, fatally shoots her husband. Then, she turns the gun on herself, ending the rampage”).

Well, that turns out to be a bold face lie, according to Clark County Coroner Mike Murphy, it was actually a Las Vegas police officer- not Amanda Miller who fired the shot from a 223 rifle that killed Jerad Miller.

Las Vegas Police Lied About Shooters Suicide Pact

Official: Police, not wife, killed Jerad Miller

Jerad Miller didn’t die on his own terms after all, the Review-Journal has learned.

It was a Las Vegas police officer — not Amanda Miller, his wife — who fired the shot that ended the life of the 31-year-old cop killer, according to an official with knowledge of the case.



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Comments (10)

  1. sturm

    Does it matter how he died? There is no point to this. As long as he is dead

    • alan

      If what you are saying is true, why the fuk did the cops lie?

    • AZRanger

      It does matter! When one part of an official narrative turns out to be a lie, the rest of the narrative must be called into question. Like how they managed to have a photo op at the morgue with everyone saluting in a double line, as the bodies are being unloaded! When officers are killed in the line of duty, you would think that the police would have other things to do vs setting up a photo op at the morgue! Really, these officer’s lives were no more important than that? If I was the family, I would be outraged that their deaths were being propagandized, regardless of what side of the political spectrum I was on! I think there is a bunch of other issues, but that is a gooc start.

  2. Ken

    One wonders what other parts of this story is wrong. That’s why it’s important sturm. Police have a history of getting the story wrong. You’d think that they’d be happy to point out who actually killed the cop killers. To much reporting is agenda driven and this appears to be the case here.

  3. Josh

    Story doesn’t say anything about a pact. Doesn’t say she didn’t shoot him. Maybe the police shot him too. Who cares who shot him. They had already taken three lives.

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  5. Lynn

    good job mike….. glad to see someone down there will tell the truth.

  6. Please people stop making up conspiracy theories. The Government has better things to do than stuffing everything under a blanket.

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