New World Order & Fema Camps Inside


I figured this out after brainstorming, the Illuminati (Satanic Cult) to start New World Order they have to exterminate a horrific amount of the population and then maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. This is their first commandment on The smd_tr6_250x200-7db8712Georgia Guidestones you need to look this up! Some know this already but what i have figured out is the Fema Camps is part of their plan to exterminate the population to get it down to 500,000,000 This is their way to decrease the population dramatically but if we all stand tall we can win against them, there are a whole lot more of us than there is of them!

I have compiled a mass amount of video that proves what is going on and what will happen and showing you evidence with documents that have already been passed and it goes on! I hope you take intense time watching and examining the proof i have compiled for you all!

Obama Passed Martial Law We Are All Terrorist  And Obama Can Kill Who Ever He Wants, I Have Talk About this Before But I Forgot I Had This Video Plus It Fits In Nice And Tight.

Our Disposable Coffins and Lying about the Fema Camps then tells the truth after his bluff!


Fema Camp  Important News you won’t want to miss this!

Fema Camps Homeless & More updated march 2014


To explain some parts of this first video when it shows America on the screen with all the blue indicators this represents all the Fema Camps locations across America! Also this video is crucial to watch it shows you a inside view of what it will be like in the prison camps!

FEMA CAMPS Documents The fema camps have been Filled

Fema Camps H.R. 390 Confirms it


Here is all the talk about the red and blue stickers on your mailboxes

Red and Blue X  markings on the sidewalk next to your house


What the colors mean

There you have it Fema Camps are up and ready they are already beginning used to Terrorize homeless, children, and the parents of the kids i would guess.

Bulletproof Home 8


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