Putin Tells America Keep Your Guns He Will Fight Nwo

Putin is saying to American people keep your guns! He knows Obamas master plan, Our own soldiers will not fight our own people so Obama is bringing in illegal immigrants to do the job. Putin also knows of Obama selling American land to China, Saudi Arabia and others.. Now why would our president sell OUR LAND. HE IS A PARASITE!!


Putin Tells America Keep Your Guns

Putin Tells America Keep Your Guns2



source: beforeitsnews.com



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Comments (5)

  1. E.Blake

    Isn’t it amazing how the lame stream media and the BO administration, are trying to make everyone hate Putin. And BO has been arming the Ukrainian’s.
    Something smells rotten, as usual.

  2. Mr Virtue

    Yes, B.O. has even paid both sides in the war in Gaza~ resources : logic Before Authority.utube, WSJ. Ukrainian war is the neocons against the Russians.

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